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At SharpEye Techno Solutions, we have a professional team that is well-versed and well trained to install CCTV Surveillance System at your premise efficiently.

Things we keep in mind as a service provider before installing any CCTV camera are:

  • We make sure the cameras work quickly after installation

  • We make sure our cameras allow remote viewing

  • We always ask our customers whether they want wired or wireless CCTV cameras

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CCTV Camera Installation Service

We provide Installation & AMC Service of all types of CCTV Cameras, Biometric Attendance System, Video Door Phone, Computer Assembling & Troubleshooting at best price.

We (SharpEye Techno Solutions) are a leading CCTV Camera Installation Service Provider in Delhi NCR Region. We have well-trained, well-experienced installation team. With our CCTV installation service, we deploy a team of trained and professional technicians to install your CCTV Surveillance System. This includes the labour to mount the cameras, run all cables from the cameras to the DVR / NVR, make all electrical and video connections and make sure that the cameras are focused and adjusted properly.

Biometric Attendance System Installation Service

We (SharpEye Techno Solutions) are expert in Biometric Attendance System Installation. We can connect installed biometric machine to your computer and mobile to view the report.

Biometric Technology Advantages
It provides extra security as fingerprints are unique and is an unrepeatable characteristic in each person, the level of security it offers is maximum. The maintenance cost is also low.

Our Expertise

  • Fast & Secured installation - Just give us a call and get your biometric attendance system installed within a few hours. We are the fastest biometric installation service provider in Delhi NCR Region.

  • Team of experts - Our team is well-versed in dealing with biometric installation as they have been doing it from many years. They will visit your premises and complete installation within a few hours.

  • Economical pricing - We offer all our services including the biometric installation services at a reasonable price and we don’t even need to compromise our quality of service.

Video Door Phone Installation Service

With the increasing crime rates, and the rates of increasing burglary, it is very much essential to keep Door Phone Camera for better security of you Home. If you look at the recent statistics of crimes, you will come to know that the maximum number of crimes take place due to unauthorized access to your home.

How it works

  • li-iconWhen a visitor come at your doorstep and presses the bell button on the outdoor unit it will give a call to your indoor unit, the person at home receive the call by pressing the button at indoor display unit, and he can see live video of visitor. Further, you can talk to him, and if you want to allow him to enter the home simply press the unlock button placed at your indoor display unit, your door will be unlocked and the person can enter.
  • li-iconSharpEye Techno Solutions provides Video Door Phone Installation Services in Delhi NCR Region which is used to save our life and things also. We always work for your safety and security in this way and we are offering Video Door Phone System for your home in reasonable price. This device is easy to install and easy to use.

Computer Assembling & Troubleshooting

Computer and Laptops have become an important part of our daily life. From office to home and from work to entertainment, these digital machines have made a strong presence in our modern life.

By the team of experienced professionals, we are providing quality Computer Assembling Services. With the help of our experienced technical staff, we deliver these services effectively within the promised time frame. In addition, they use advanced technology, tools equipments to assemble computer systems from new technologies. We ensure that the devices used in assembling the computers are procured from the certified vendors and maintenance free.

Computer Assembling Services

We hold the expertise in providing reliable services of Computer Assembling. Our offered services are widely used in various offices. In order to execute these services, we make use of quality proven devices and advanced technology as per the prescribed industry norms. The offered services are rendered by our team of experienced technicians who have vast knowledge about pc assembling, which assists us in providing the service in best possible manner.

Data / Network Cabling Service

In the present time, industry is based upon highly technical systems and processes, which ideally requires reliable cabling solutions to serve as a medium which facilitates complex operations of an organization. SharpEye Techno Solutions is engaged in providing Network / Data Cabling Service in Delhi NCR Region. We expertise to deliver such cabling solutions that provide an efficient cable infrastructure to carry out the process of cabling with utmost precision and in an orderly manner. We have a skilled team to execute network cabling service of any scale.

Our Work Process : -

  • li-iconExamine the area where the work is going to be done and figure out what’s needed from its cable management installation.
  • li-iconAfter the parameters have been taking into consideration, there will be a clearer understanding of what product solution is needed.
    Layout Design
  • li-iconWe prepare system design layout for submission to the client. The proposal includes detailed information of the client, target location, types of the Cable, Rack etc.
  • li-iconThe main point of the Data Cable Installation is implementation of designed layout.
  • li-iconOur technicians with the necessary training and experience carry out the installation. They carry the appropriate tools and essential testing equipments to install the Network Cable / Data Cable, Racks perfectly.

Local Area Network (LAN) Setup

Local Area Network over Copper Cable (CAT5 / CAT6)

A Local Area Network (LAN) over Copper Cable (CAT5 / CAT6 Cable) is a type of computer network that interconnects multiple computers and computer-driven devices in a particular physical location such as schools, residences, hospitals, banks and business houses, etc.

Local Area Network (LAN) over Fiber Optic Cable (Single Mode / Multi Mode Cable)

Two decades ago, most of the Local Area Network used copper cables. However, due to the benefits and popularity of fiber optics cable, many LANs are now using fiber optic cables. Data transmission speed over copper cable is slower than fiber optic cables. Nowadays fiber optic cable is the backbone of LANs. When copper cables run for 100 meters, the fiber optics can run up to 2000 meters offering more than 100 Mb/s of data transmission speed.

SharpEye Techno Solutions is also providing Local Area Network Setup service in Offices, Schools, Retail Outlet, and Hospitals etc. in Delhi NCR Region. We have a skilled team to execute LAN setup service of any scale.

Advantages Of Wireless / Wi-Fi CCTV Camera

Easy to install –

Wireless / Wi-Fi CCTV Camera can be easily installed at any location where power is available without running a video cable.

Multiple Recording Options -

Wireless / Wi-Fi CCTV Camera comes with several recording options, such as continuous recording or scheduled or motion activated recording to a computer / NVR or directly to a micro SD card.

In-built microphone & push notifications -

Wireless / Wi-Fi CCTV Camera comes with In-built microphone for two-way audio, and Pan Tilt Zoom facility and it also can send push notifications or email alerts directly to smartphone or tablet.

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