Network Video Recorder (NVR)

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What is a Network Video Recorder (NVR)?

Network Video Recorder (NVR) is a device that records security video surveillance footage in digital format to a hard drive. Because the NVR does not have video processing & encoding capability, video is typically processed and encoded from the surveillance IP or CCTV camera and transferred to the NVR for storage via Wired Ethernet Network or Wi-Fi Network.

Network Video Recorder (NVR) Advantages include:

  • li-iconVery easy to install. It auto-detects the cameras.
  • li-iconRecord video and audio.
  • li-iconBetter image quality.
  • li-iconSystem flexibility.
  • li-iconBetter viewing coverage.
  • li-iconWired or wireless.
  • li-iconRequired 1 cable for video, audio, and power.
  • li-iconRecognition of faces, license plate, etc. due to better image quality.
  • li-iconVery easy to use, featuring an excellent user interface.
  • li-iconAccess live and recorded video on local, remote and mobile devices.
  • li-iconEasy export of selected video for evidence.
  • li-iconMany powerful features for finding the video you need and exporting for evidence.
  • li-iconContinuous motion, time or alarm-based recording configurable per camera.
  • li-iconSearch recorded video with a timeline search or graphical thumbnail search, playback multiple cameras simultaneously.
  • li-iconEasily control PTZ cameras.
  • li-iconView an instant replay of video from any camera.
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