Digital Video Recorder (DVR)

We provide our customers latest premium quality Digital Video Recorder at Best Price.


What is a Digital Video Recorder (DVR)?

DVR or Digital Video Recorder is the device used to view, record, store, and manage video footage from the CCTV Cameras. DVR comes with multiple inputs of CCTV Cameras like 4-Channels (up to 4 CCTV Cameras can be connected), 8-Channels (up to 8 Cameras can be connected), 16-Channels (up to 16 Cameras can be connected), 32-Channels (up to 32 Cameras can be connected, and 64-Channels (up to 64 Cameras can be connected). We provide our customers with latest Full HD DVR for best Video Quality. As a leading CCTV Camera Company in Delhi NCR, we offer latest DVRs to our customers that are premium in quality and performance with latest specifications.


Features of DVR System
  • li-iconCrystal Clear 1080P Video Footage
  • li-iconWireless Remote Monitoring
  • li-iconAdvanced Mobile App
  • li-iconSystem Status Alerts
  • li-iconSystem Health Monitoring
  • li-iconAutomatic Video Data Back-ups
  • li-iconDVR Theft Alerts
  • li-iconMotion Alerts & Detection
  • li-iconMountable in a server rack
  • li-iconExternal monitor output
  • li-iconEvent notification from security devices
  • li-iconNotification for connectivity issues
  • li-iconH.264 & H.265 Video compression for higher resolution at lower bandwidth
  • li-iconMulti-channel audio recordings
  • li-iconDVRs can be configured to automatically replace older footage once storage becomes full
Benefits of DVR System
  • li-iconFight against False Liability Claims
  • li-iconPrevent Armed Robberies
  • li-iconUncover Fraud
  • li-iconProtect Your Business
  • li-iconBoost Employee Productivity
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