Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)


It is important to have an Annual Maintenance Contract for your CCTV System and other safety security system. As we all know, the CCTV surveillance system of your premise or property has a vital role in your safety and security. For the surveillance system to be effective, it should be in perfect order. The security cameras should be clean and focused correctly and the video recorder should be recording properly.

To ensure that your CCTV Surveillance System performing at an optimal level, you should have preventive maintenance done at regular intervals. It is common practice to clean CCTV Camera and lenses at least twice a year and optimise settings of entire system. Depending on the installation area, it is necessary to clean more often, but it all depends on the environment and weather conditions.

Annual Maintenance Contracts (AMC) can cover just about anything that your business or property owns and uses as long as it can be maintained. It is simply an agreement between your company and a maintenance services provider that they will provide regular maintenance to your company for proper and uninterrupted working of security system, under the terms of the contract.

Annual Maintenance Contract Benefits

AMC helps you to avoid high repair costs and helps you from unexpected damages. It include regular check-ups of infrastructure, servers, networks and provides spare parts if needed. Spare parts will be chargeable.

We (SharpEye Techno Solutions) provide CCTV AMC Service (Annual Maintenance Contract Service) both types viz. Comprehensive (Service with Material) and Non-Comprehensive (Service Only) depends on your existing CCTV Camera System and its cabling. We have sufficient manpower, infrastructure, and expertise to maintain the systems in working condition. Also, we can help you to upgrade your old existing Analog CCTV System to Analog HD or IP HD Camera System.

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