CCTV Camera Installation Procedure

Layout Design
  • li-iconWe prepare system design layout for submission to the client. The proposal includes detailed information of the client, target location, types of the cameras / DVR / NVR, Power Supply, Cable etc.

Prior to commencing the installation of the CCTV system, we consider the following:-

  • li-iconManufacturer’s recommendations.
  • li-iconEnvironmental conditions: System components shall be suitable for the environmental conditions in which they are to operate. It includes potential impact of daily and seasonal variations in light and climatic conditions.
  • li-iconThe main point of the CCTV installation is implementation of designed layout. It is very tough to install cameras to watch each point of your home. We select some of those main points from where you can keep eyes and catch the activities.
  • li-iconOur technicians with the necessary training and experience carry out the installation. They carry the appropriate tools and essential testing equipments to install the CCTV system perfectly.

Types of CCTV Camera’s we install

Dome CCTV Camera

Dome CCTV camera Design looks like a dome, Dome Camera is specially designed for indoor purposes. According to the design, its best place is under the ceiling, we can move the camera as per view angle and cover after proper angling. Dome camera support of NVR (Network Video Recorder) with LAN port and DVR support with BNC port with Analogue connectivity.

Bullet CCTV Camera

As the name sound bullet CCTV camera it means it’s made by hard material for outdoor installation purposes. Bullet CCTV camera comes with HD resolution, Megapixels, and IR feature (infrared).IR feature makes night vision visibility when the light goes off. Bullet camera can monitor fix area. There is no feature of pan tilt and zoom in bullet-type camera. So before choosing any camera make sure your area is fixed or you want to cover the 360-degree area.

PTZ Camera

PTZ full form is PAN, TILT, and ZOOM, PAN means 360 Degree Cover, Tilt Means Vertically Cover, and Zoom means close to object and close out to object. PTZ camera uses when we want to cover 360 areas with distance. We can define preset settings in the PTZ camera and its work according to our preset command. If you plan to cover a campus then you need a PTZ camera. But if you want to cover the fixed area then you can choose the fixed camera or static camera also called a bullet camera. PTZ camera comes with BNC connector and IP based PTZ camera comes with LAN Port. Its Supports DVR and NVR both types of CCTV recorders. The best things are PTZ camera can monitor up to 1-2 KM distance from a single camera.

Wireless CCTV Camera

Wireless Camera is nothing but it’s a CCTV camera with integrated 2.4 GHz wireless features. For using the wireless camera you required a Wireless Access Point / Wifi Router to connect the Wireless Camera with it. It’s basically used for indoor purposes where we have a short distance to connect the camera with our Wireless Router.

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